5 Steps to Great App Marketing

You've created a great iPad app, tested it, and released it to the public. But the world can't find your iPad app if it doesn't know it's out there.

This is where iPad app marketing comes in. This stage of the process is crucial to your app's success, since it determines whether or not your app actually lands on people's iPads. With hundreds of thousands of iPad apps currently on the market, iPad users are understandably overwhelmed when they see all the apps in the iTunes store.

What makes an iPad app stand out? First you must consider the purpose of your app and the intended market. Then, once you truly know your app, it's time to begin marketing. By following these five simple steps, you can begin to show the world the value of your creation.

great app marketing

Know your app.

This step involves not only determining your app's purpose, but ensuring that purpose is reflected in your app's design, name, and icon. This is something you've likely considered throughout the creation of your app but this may be the first time you've had a reason to put it into words. For this step, it often helps to check out successful iPad apps and note how the name, design, and icon reflect their purpose.


Create a website for your app.

Before you begin marketing your app, create a great website to showcase your app's finest features. Be sure to include screenshots and even a video if possible. This site can be linked from your social media sites, your iTunes app description, and your publicity materials.


Focus on your iTunes Store presence.

The iTunes Store will be the first place many customers will look for your app. Write a good app description that captures the theme and key features of your app. Most importantly, make sure the tone of your description matches your audience –if you're appealing to young girls, for instance, write in a conversational, light tone. For action-adventure-based games, take a more aggressive approach in your writing.


Request reviews.

Sites like CNET Reviews and Mashable provide additional exposure to apps by providing a forum for reviews. Those reviews lead to clicks, giving your app the attention it needs.


Offer incentives.

To get word spreading on social media sites, provide incentives for users to like or tweet your app. At the very least, encourage users to like or tweet you, allowing them to do it directly from each of your websites. Also consider providing a limited time introductory price, which will drive users to download it while they can still obtain the low price. Some app developers offer a 30-day free trial, at which point they must pay to continue using the app. This allows users to try your app before they commit to buying them.

One of the best ways to learn what makes app marketing successful is to observe what other app developers have done. By following in the path of those who have gone before, you can avoid starting from zero, saving yourself time.