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Our App Growth Consultants will help you find the best app marketing strategies to perfectly meet your needs. To get the best results, the average cost of our app marketing services begin at $20k/month.

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Take our assessment and get customized advice for app growth that will walk you through how to get more app downloads and rank higher on the App Store in less than 30 days with effective app store optimization practices.

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  • Successful App Launch

    We’ll help you skyrocket your app growth through a unique combination of our proven app marketing strategies.

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    Get your app promoted to millions of targeted users and recognized as the #1 app in your app category.

  • Worldwide Recognition

    Get captivating app promo videos designed to educate, excite, and inspire users to share and download your app instantly.

  • Viral Video Marketing

    Produce a high-quality and memorable app demo video to share your app’s uniqueness at an affordable cost.

  • App Store Optimization

    Maximize your app’s exposure and ranking through our advanced app store optimization services.

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  • Over the past 12 years our Skyrocket
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  • Our unique App Store Optimization
    techniques are specifically designed to
    skyrocket your App Store rankings.
  • Dramatically increase your conversations on
    both the App Store and Google Play with our
    advanced split testing methodologies.
  • Achieve the highest number of downloads
    at the lowest cost with our advanced
  • Our advanced User Acquisition Campaigns
    provides the best in the industry
    management for Apple Search Ads,
    Google UAC, Facebook, and In-App
  • Use paid app advertising to maximize your
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  • Our App Video Production team will
    create high quality videos design to
    Educate, Excite, and Inspire users to
    download your app instantaneously.
  • We’ll implement unique measurable
    strategies to dramatically boost your
    app downloads and your App Store
  • Your videos will be designed to
    encourage users to download your app
    with shareable video content.
  • Work with the best in the industry App
    Growth Specialists to improve your
    Virality, Retention, and Sales.
  • Access hands-on app marketing
    strategies to reach your goals in half
    the time.
  • Get a complete and comprehensive
    growth plan to dramatically increase
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  • Get your app positioned as the market
    leader in your app category through 3rd
    party recognition.
  • Through our strategic relationships,
    we’ll have your app featured on top
    online App Review publications and
    promoted to millions.
  • Turn your app into an instant App
    Celebrity through high profile media
    excitement and recognition.

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A plan and path to a successful app business with exponential app growth opportunities.

From first time app creators to Billion Dollar apps, the PreApps signature app marketing services have helped thousands of apps reach Millions of App Downloads. Over the past 12 years, PreApps has developed a proven app marketing program that takes a first time app business owner through a unique and seamless process to launch their app successfully and reach Millions of App Downloads and Sales.

The same process can also be applied to support an existing app business and scale it to 10’s of Millions of App Downloads. Every app business owner wants to impact the world (in their own way) with their creation. Our job is to help you share your creation with the world, and have fun in the process.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How in the world do I make sure my app is launched successfully?
  • How do I systematically get more app downloads, app users, and sales?
  • How can I find an app marketing agency that will understand my mission?
  • How can I ensure that my time, money, and resources developing my app didn’t go to waste?
If so, then PreApps is for you.

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