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At PreApps, we’re proud of our successful partnership with so many successful apps. Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few years:

What Developers of Award-Winning and Chart-Topping Apps Have to Say

Mr. Jump

Over 5 Million Downloads in the first 4 days!

PreApps is a great tool for generating the pre-launch buzz. The platform provides developers with useful insight and feedback while the PreApps team is really helpful and customer oriented.


Want your app to get noticed? PreApps will get you there. PreApps did a perfect job in helping get Neeko the attention it deserves!

Sometimes, all it takes to have a successful launch on the AppStore is to establish pre-launch exposure. Put your app on PreApps to increase your odds, it's a no-brainer.

Hunter Island

PreApps is crucial during the early phases of building a mobile product in order to gain feedback and build momentum.

Adventures of Poco Eco
World Zombination

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More Raves & Endorsements

Overkill 2

PreApps played its role in our successful launch reaching over 250,000 downloads day of launch. It’s a great value service and the people are amazingly helpful.

Chuck the Muck

The pre-launch buzz generated by featuring our app on their site successfully augmented our user acquisition and PR efforts to help generate 183,000 downloads.

Survival Race

We chose PreApps to be the first public revealing platform for our racing game Survival Race which helped in garnering more then 320,000 downloads. The audience is full of positive attitude and constructive comments.

Mr. Runner 2

PreApps helped us get what we wanted a new fresh audience who wanted to test our game. PreApps provided a unique channel for us to get additional exposure to reach out to new gamers cost effectively!

Social Point Me

PreApps was a great tool in helping to initially get our brand name and app to the general public. It helped springboard our Beta to be a success.


PreApps was a great resource to help launch our first app. It helped our search rankings and raised awareness the month before our launch. I will definitely use PreApps for my next app.

Fling Theory

During the development of our puzzle game, Fling Theory, for the Windows Phone, we had issues reaching a fresh audience for testing purposes.


PreApps provides a great service for prelaunch publicity. I was really impressed with their customer attention and service.


Using PreApps was very helpful in giving my pre-launch marketing a home page. Even though I already had a website, I didn’t have a way to interact with interested customers.

College Hoops Tourney

PreApps was instrumental in generating pre-launch buzz for College Hoops Tourney. It definitely helped provide a 'pop' for us when the app nally launched.

Chat App for Linkedin

PreApps is a great platform where apps can reach their full potential. It gives developers the reviews and feedback apps need.

Smoke Tracker

The exposure and "buzz" generated by is great for developers and it shows in the sales and download figures - - we received over 3,000 downloads on the first next day as a result!


PreApps is an awesome way to give developers exposure and direct contact with their customers. I will gladly recomend it to everyone, customers and developers alike.

Basecamp 8

PreApps allowed us to gain valuable insight which helped us make our app better suited for the users' requirements.


PreApps is an amazing opportunity to get your app positioned for success.

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PreApps Performance Results

Joyful Animals for Kids

300% increase in downloads in the first 3 days.

Offroad Racing

1+ million downloads to date.


5+ million downloads to date.

Overkill 2

3+ million downloads to date.

Hunter Island

1+ million downloads to date.

Nuclear Outrun

2+ million downloads to date.

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