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You’re running your app. You know your users and their needs. PreApps allows you to focus on what you do best while we handle the marketing. We have more than 10 years of experience making sure that our customers’ apps reach the download goals they’d like to achieve. We combine our years of keyword optimization expertise with advanced analytics to provide you strategies that best fit your needs. Sexy, aesthetic, and effective, PreApps delivers downloads reliably with proven results.

What is App Store   Optimization?

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is a process of increasing an app’s visibility and traffic in the App Store, whether they’re using the search function or just browsing, to increase the amount of downloads. A well-optimized app encourages downloads and sales, ultimately saving you money on paid marketing and downloads

Improve your ranking on app stores so users find your app when searching for related topics. Get expert help based on your needs.

 Experts in Keyword Optimization

With over 100+ collective years of experience, PreApps KNOWS the App Store and the Google Play Store. Let us help get your keyword ranking to where it needs to be. See our CEO’s insights on the latest trends in app marketing.

Gain an understanding of the keywords that will drive more traffic and downloads to your app with our advanced keyword optimization team. We help you get to know where your app compares in ranking to others. Learn keywords that are helping you improve your ranking, and see how our optimization brings your app to new heights.

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Proven ASO Strategies to
Increase App Downloads

Get the best-in-industry experts and methodologies for your app.


Keyword Optimization Insights Get the right search keywords in the right
places, and see your app grow.

Paid Advertisement Management Promote your app on social media platforms
such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
by creating shareable content and
running ad campaigns.

Professional App Content Creation Partner with proven content creators to
maximise your downloads.

Accurate KPI Tracking Know exactly what you’re doing
right, and what you’re not.

Advanced A/B Testing Methodologies Don’t just guess, KNOW. Our testing
methods bring the results you need to
know what works.


Scalable App Growth Jumpstart your app’s growth
and keep it growing.

Tested Personalized Strategies Get the effective strategies you
need, specific to your app.

Increased App Visibility See your own app increase in rank in the
app store, and watch your user base grow.

Actionable Next Steps You’ll have clear directions on what to do,
so you can be confident in your results.

Engaging Brand Experience Build a brand, not just an app.
Create meaningful personality for your
app and better connect to your users.

Effective Marketing Budgeting No more wasting marketing budget where
it doesn’t work.

Clear Analytics for
Clear Results

PreApps knows numbers talk. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” is a common mantra quoted to both our clients and internally. Know what exactly is working for your app, where, and how to improve. Our proven methods can get the correct metrics to measure accurate results, and see exactly where your app could use a little more of our help.

App Store Rankings Matter

Improve app conversions by improving your app reputation. From ad management to content production, we create an engaging brand experience for your customers so they’re naturally attracted to your app, leave positive reviews, and increase downloads.

Lower Your Cost Per User Acquisition

Identify trends with our A/B testing technique for paid Google Play and App Store traffic.Don’t burn marketing dollars needlessly. With over 10 years experience with user acquisition, you’ll know exactly where to put your ad spend most effectively

Positive Results with Data-Driven
Methods for Over 10 Years 

App Store Optimization can get complex and is ever evolving. Let PreApps simplify the process for you and achieve the results you are looking for.

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