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Get expert User Acquisition Campaign management and optimization for Apple Search Ads, Google Universal App Campaigns, Facebook, and In-App Advertising.

PreApps has developed specialized techniques and strategies for paid marketing for over 10+ years in the app business. Don’t waste your ad spend budgets, PreApps can maximize the effectiveness of your ad budget with proven results.

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Specialized App Ad Management
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App Specific Ad Promotion - What’s The Difference?  

The strategies used for traditional SaaS and product marketing simply do not translate the same way into app specific channels like Apple Search Ads and Google UAC.

PreApps offer app marketing strategies that have been proven effective on these specific channels, over 3,000 times with proven experts in each individual channel.

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*** Please note that our calls are for serious app business owners who are seeking to invest in the success of their app. If you are interested in engaging in our services, they begin at $20k/ month.

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What You Get

  • Full Campaign Creation & Management
  • Accurate Audience Targeting
  • Effective Metadata and Keyword Optimization
  • Beautifully Designed Ad Creatives
  • Data-Driven Campaign A/B Testing
  • Proven Ad Buying Methodologies
  • Specialized Knowledge of App-Specific Ad Channels
  • Robust Reporting & Cohort Analysis

Your Results

  • Dramatically Boost Downloads
  • Maximize Your Advertising ROI
  • Increase Retention & Sales
  • Expand Your App Store Visibility
  • Grow Your Lifetime Value
  • Multiply & Drive Engagement
  • Automate & Scale Fast
  • And Many More...

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Scale your app if you have already achieved some success (by showing you the same systems that worked for apps like Candy Crush and Netflix…)

Spots are limited. Don’t miss out.

*** Please note that our calls are for serious app business owners who are seeking to invest in the success of their app. If you are interested in engaging in our services, they begin at $20k/ month.

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Paid Advertising - Why PreApps?

Our team of highly-trained app ad experts are navigating app specific ad promotional channels like Apple Search Ads, Google UAC, Facebook, and in-app advertising all day, every day. We know the shifts in app trends, and possess deep technical understanding of the algorithms in these platforms.

Our professional connections ensure that we’re the first to know when these channels offer new and improved methods for increasing your app’s downloads. With over 10 years of marketing ,3000+ apps, we can confidently say: we know paid app advertising like the back of our hands.

Accurate Targeting for Quality User Acquisition

Don’t let your ad efforts go to waste! Promoting your app with paid ads without the optimization of keywords or metadata can cause you to misdirect your ad traffic.

PreApps knows the right metrics to look for to ensure a successful app campaign. Through time-tested methods, PreApps can help figure out exactly who your app is meant for, and direct your traffic specifically. Get your app exposure to the right audience, keywords, or regions, with real data to back it up, and convert them into paying app users.

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Brand Awareness

Get the right message across for your app with our expertly designed app marketing campaigns. Whether it’s ad copy or creatives, our App Store Promotion team can help create ads that make users fall in love with your app.

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Don’t go into app marketing blind. PreApps can create an accurate paid marketing roadmap for your app, with real results to back it up.

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