Device: iPhone Category: Social Networking Price: Free Released On: Apr. 17, 2017

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Device: iPhone Released On: Apr. 17, 2017


TagFi is the #1 face-to-face social interaction app on the market!

TagFi, which stands for “There’s a group for it!”, is a way to engage in exciting local group activities in real time and real life. Join and Create activities last minute or in advance with filters, geotags, and user accountability features. TagFi also allows you manage your existing groups and activities.

This isn’t simply a chatroom to discuss meetups, but an event based social networking app that provides an end-to end solution ensuring local group meets.

TagFi is your daily dose broadcast of activities happening near you. Jump in and JOIN or create activities of your own! TagFi lets you safely and securely view profiles to tag people into your group. If you decide on our local recommended places, you can even get a group discount! If you want to go somewhere else, you can set a meetup for wherever you'd like around town.

TagFi is the best tool to organize activities for college, corporate, community, sports, leisure etc…Find your crowd instantly with TagFi.

TagFi Features:

- Home screen: A daily feed of group activities near you, with a "join" or "request to join" button! Jump in, No more FOMO!
- Filters and Privacy mode: Be as public or as private as you like: organize and manage your group activities privately or open them up to people nearby who share the same interest.
- Tagging feature: View user profiles before inviting or tagging like-minded people into group activities.
- Unique features: Enjoy unique features such as video invites, group management, and a countdown until your event!
- Recommended places: Choose from our suggested places to meet and even get a group discount!
- Group Management feature: This is the perfect tool for organizing activities for college, communities, corporate, leisure, sports and more.

TagFi is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit www.Tagfi.com  



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