Squawk Mobile
Device: iPhone Category: Social Networking Price: Free Released On: Jan. 21, 2015

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Squawk Mobile

Device: iPhone Released On: Jan. 21, 2015
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Welcome to Squawk Mobile! Squawk Mobile is the new and premier application that allows you to post location related Events and collect your favorite locations with ease. Simply open a new account by connecting your social media profile and you are ready to go.

The Event Pin is the signature of Squawk Mobile featuring a location teardrop with a user selected photo at its center. To create an Event Pin…

-First, select the location to drop the pin.
-Next, choose a photo and add a title and description
-Select the type of Event: Happy, Fun, Heart Breaking, Exciting, Inspiring, Funny, or Awesome
-Change the date of the Event if it occurred in the past or will happen in the future
-Decide to share the Event with the world so others can search for it or keep it exclusively to your followers
-Want to post anonymously? Sure! The anonymous setting insures that a publicly posted Event hides your personal data when people decide to search for Events in that area.

Want to just post a Location? (House, Stadium, Restaurant) Select the Location option when adding an Event Pin and provide a title, description, and photo. -Locations are not included in the search.

Collect and organize your favorite Locations and Event Pins using your Collections - like photos in a photo album.

-Collect and organize your favorite restaurants or shops in different cities which can then be shared with you friends
-Create a Collection of buildings or sites if you are new to the area so you won’t get lost
-Map a Collection by selecting the Collection to Map icon next to the Collection title

Discover and interact with other peoples’ Event Pins with the Search feature

-Search Events by their type: Happy, Fun, Heart Breaking, Exciting, Inspiring, Funny, or Awesome
-Filter through Events by popularity or what has been posted recently
-Enter an address to search for Events anywhere

Other Features

-Receive updates on people commenting or liking a similar Event Pin or Location
-Follow other Squawk Mobile users including social media friends
-Have a business or public page? Set your user settings to ‘Public’ for FREE and enable everyone to search and follow your Squawk Mobile Page. Create Collections of all your store Locations or Events.


-iOS 8 or later
-Social media credentials for login  



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Recent Beta Testers

  • Sean Casto
    United States
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