Simple and efficient QRBarcode Reader
Device: iPhone Category: Utilities Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Jan. 09, 2017

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Simple and efficient QRBarcode Reader

Device: iPhone Exp. Release Date: Jan. 09, 2017


Simple and efficient QR/Barcode Reader is a simple yet efficient QR code scanner with minimum amount of functions!
The barcode reading applications we offer from have achieved more than 20 million smart phone users around the world and has been in the high rank in the Free and Popular convenient applications.

??Characteristics of the Simple and efficient QR/Barcode Reader??

?1?Fast! Accurate! Precision Reading!
Our app can read any kind of QR code you want to scan wherever you are. If you have problems scanning a designed QR code with other apps, we recommend our app!
If you have a barcode image on your smartphone photo album, you can bring it up and import it without using the camera.

?2?Simple and easy to handle!
Tap once to start up the app and it automatically starts scanning the code you apply to the reader.

??Here’s some descriptions of our app??

Simply hold the QR code or barcode over to the reader and it will read them straight away.
Control focus by tapping the screen.

Our app automatically saves QR codes and barcodes you scan in the History. If you want to store the relevant information of a code without deleting, simply add to your Favorite lists. This way, the information will stay in your app.

?After scanning
We provide all relevant information associated with the code you scan. For example,
??URL information…open up web browser
??Text…Open up search
??e-mail address…open up mailer
??barcode…open up a shopping website search.

?Vibration: You can choose from setting whether to have a vibration sounds after scanning a code or not.

?Hiding Advertisement
If you want to hide advertisements, it is possible to hide them with some charge.  



Our company, Mediaseek,inc was founded back in 2000 and has won the BREW Developer Awards in 2005 as the most innovative use of technology. Our barcode reading application, ICONIT we offer have achieved more than 20 million smart phone users around the world. We are trying our best to make a great and useful QR code reading app for not only in Japan but for many people around the world.



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