Device: iPhone Category: Social Networking Price: $0.99 Released On: Apr. 20, 2014 Previous App: Several more to come

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Device: iPhone Released On: Apr. 20, 2014
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"What does it do?"

ShowUp lets likeminded, simpatico people with sociable intentions invite others to ShowUp for a specific purpose. Offline and IRL, like a Facebook with Feet.

If you are in the mood, take a pic of yourself and describe tweet sized what you want and where you are.
Push ShowUp and everyone with the app in a 1 km radius receives a beep, looks at the screen & decides to accept the invitation or push the trashcan.
You can not reply but you can ShowUp or not.

The invite stays active 15 minutes, enough to go the distance and an acceptible waiting time.
It will delete itself after that. It has a map with a pinpoint but you have to take the trouble to look for the inviter.
That is the one who is clueless & perhaps a bit anxious how many people will ShowUp , If anybody at all will ShowUp and what the next hour will bring.

"Sounds like yet another urban hipster get together app?"
It is not meant to be, I think it it will be used downtown metropolises and villages, festivals, in trains, conventions, beaches, parks, revolutionary town squares, playgrounds and mountain tops by whoever hangs out there and wants to have a coffee and a chat, a run through the park, a beer, burn a flag, frisbee, discuss an issue, frolic in the waves or show pics of the grandchildren.

It needs a critical mass to work so we'll offer it for free with 1/8 ads and for €1 ad-free.  




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