Device: iPhone Category: Photo & Video Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Dec. 15, 2016

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Device: iPhone Exp. Release Date: Dec. 15, 2016


Your Eye-in-the-Sky for Instagram! Whether looking for the hottest stage at a music festival or which downtown bar has the best crowd, Rocketing fully integrates with Instagram in order to become your most reliable source for real-time photographic insights into what is going on in the world around you. Your photo puts you on the map!

‘Rocketers’ have two ways of sharing their photos with Rocketing. You can simply snap, edit, and share a photo to showcase what’s happening around you at any given moment. Or, after logging in through an Instagram account, you can choose to have your photos automatically uploaded to Rocketing every time you post.

Each photo shared on Rocketing is then automatically displayed on a geo-targeted map where the highest-rated photos have prominent placement. The app’s own photo rating system gives ‘Rocket Fuel’ to well-liked photos. Higher ratings increase Rocket Fuel, but once a photo’s fuel runs out, it’s gone forever. This ephemeral nature enables Rocketing to help users discover the most popular activities in their vicinity at any time.

“During my first adventure at Coachella, I wished there was a cool way to see the most popular photos from the Coachella community,” says Ryan Grainger, head of Team Rocket, a small group of San Diegans who created the app as a way capture and share photos of their favorite experiences. “We created Rocketing so people could discover the most exciting moments happening around them by connecting with everyone around them.”

Features of Rocketing include:
Geographic photomap showcasing urban life in real time.
Powerful photo editing tools to overlay text and special effects for even more beautiful images.
A Rocket Fuel rating system giving users immediate feedback on photos.
The ability to follow interesting profiles or browse photos by location to discover local trending hotspots and hangouts.

About Team Rocket
Team Rocket is a collaboration between two friends, Ryan Grainger and Bobby Sullivan, who share a passion for discovering life’s most exciting moments. As app enthusiasts, Team Rocket strives to create a new life sharing experience that allows users to better engage with their immediate community. After spending several months traveling around the world, Team Rocket realized that every neighborhood has a unique social dynamic. With this in mind, they developed Rocketing to highlight local hotspots and the most “Rocketing” people there.

Learn more about Rocketing at

Instagram: @RocketingApp  



San Diego based developer. Currently developing an app named Rocketing that acts as Instagram's Real-Time in the Sky for discovering the best photos, videos, and moments happening around you. Launch is set for August 16th, 2016.


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