Radio 5-0
Device: iPhone Category: News Price: Free Released On: Apr. 29, 2016

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Radio 5-0

Device: iPhone Released On: Apr. 29, 2016
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With over 40,000 feeds, you can listen real scanners from the largest collection of police, fire, EMS, railroad, airport and ham radios.

Tune into what is happening in your area or all around the world. Know before everyone else does about any major crime, fire or incident.

= Features =

• Search scanners from all over the world by country, state and county
• New feeds are added every few hours and the app will instantly update.
• Missing a feed nearby? Add your own feeds and listen within the app, you can grab a feed from the internet and add them all into one app.
• Record what you are listening to and play back later
• Publish what you are tuned into on your Facebook Timeline
• Browse the Top 100 Feeds
• Background audio support, navigate to other apps while still listening
• Control what your listening to from iOS's control panel
• Connect with Facebook and share what you are listening to with your friends
• Play feeds on your other devices such as Apple TV with Airplay support
• Quickly browse the police codes to understand what is going on
• Sort the feeds by listener count so you can see what is active
• Save your favorite feeds and get back to them easily
• See how many listeners are tuned into on any feed
• Identify where the feed is located with Apple Maps support
• Browse through the app and stop / play the feed from anywhere
• Police, EMS, Fire, Airplane, Train Feeds
• Invite your friends from Facebook to Remove Ads
• Browse the recently added feeds, new ones are added daily!
• Control the audio from the lock screen and headset buttons
• Login with Facebook

If you're a first responder such as a police officer, fireman, paramedics or if you love to listen to what is happening before the news does. You'll find this app very helpful to catch what is happening live in realtime.


- Is my location needed to use the app?

Your location is not needed for the application. We ask you for your location to find all the feeds local to you. The app only knows your location when you are using the app and it is NEVER shared with anyone, not even to ourselves.

- Am I allowed to listen to the police?

It is legal to listen to the local police using this application. It is not legal to use this application in act of any crime or posing as a police officer.

- What am I listening to?

These are live streams, feeds from real scanners by volunteers all around the world. Everything is happening in real time by 1-2 second delay.  


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