Device: iPhone Category: Lifestyle Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Jan. 19, 2017

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Device: iPhone Exp. Release Date: Jan. 19, 2017


Just think of it for a sec. How many times did it happen to you: Your best friend is at this great party he told you about, you’d like to join but it just takes forever to get the text, type the address, Google it and start your
navigation. You are looking for your friends at a campus festival heading to the point of
«rendez-vous» and it takes decades before everyone finally comes across each other.
Your colleagues organized an after work drink tonight, you are running late and have no idea where they are...
All these situations have one thing in common: sometimes, you just want to see your friends on a map.
Ping is an easy, useful and original geolocation app where users can share their location when they need it and to whom they want, just like a Snapchat or a text message. With Ping, everyone gets a username and an avatar.
When you send a Ping (Where are you?), it will request your friends’ location and your friend can Check back (I’m here!) to share it.
Everytime you receive a Check, your friend’s avatar will display their current position on your map.
Ping is a non-intrusive geolocation app, one-to-many and offering the same privacy level that a text message: user’s position will only update when they send another Check. From the main screen, users can send a Ping or a Check.
For a Ping or a Check, you can select one or many friends at a
If you like, you can also add a short message (33 caracters) to
your Check or Ping like «Hey don’t forget the drinks! ».
This message will be visible to the friend you send a Ping or
To join a friend when he/she has sent you a Check, click on its
avatar, hit the “go” button and navigation will start automatically.  



Finalizing iOS version and developing Android

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