Percussion Lessons  Learn How to Play
Device: iPhone Category: Music Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Feb. 03, 2018

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Percussion Lessons Learn How to Play

Device: iPhone Exp. Release Date: Feb. 03, 2018


Learn Percussion Lessons with Virtuoso Musician Perry Dreiman, percussionist in The Los Angeles Philharmonic. Here are over 20 free video lessons that will teach you how to play the drums and percussion right away! This step-by-step method will teach you the basics as well as advanced techniques. Music Lifeboat' Play Like A Prodigy Percussion Lessons app comes with over 20 lessons that include (Music notation is included).

The lessons cover:
Meet Your Teacher: Perry Drieman, Principal Percussionist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
Your Drum
Drum Basics
How to Hold The Drum Sticks
Feeling The Beat and Learn Music Rhythms and Music Theory
Learn Our First Song: Hot Cross Buns
Learn How To Play Flams, Drags, and Bounces
Learn Dynamics
Learn How To Use The Metronome
The Drum Roll
Learn How To Play: We Are Rollin’ Along
Crazy Techniques and Sounds We Can Get On Our Instrument
Learn How To Play A 8th Note Rhythm Study
Learn How To Play The Cymbals (Single)
Learn How To Play Cymbals (Pairs)
Learn Proper Rehearsal Etiquette
Learn How To Play The Bass Drum
Learn How To Play The Song Ode To Joy (Part 1 and Part 2)
Learn How To Play The Blues
Learn About Accessories For Percussion
Learn Some advanced 1/8th Notes & Triplets Rhythm and Drumming Techniques

Follow above these video Percussion Lessons that will really help out to learn how to play Percussion today as a professional.
**Here’s what you get with Our Music Lifeboat’s percussion Lessons App**
• You will get step-by-step method that will teach you the basic techniques as well as advanced techniques to learn percussion by one of the world’s leading percussionist, Perry Dreiman, principal Percussionist in The Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra!
• Music Lifeboat’s percussion lessons provide you world-class video instruction at a low cost to help you become an excellent percussionist and musician.
• Give a gift to underserved students - 10% of all proceeds go to the non-profit “The Harmony Project of America”, a nonprofit that brings music education and instruments to underserved students.
• FREE App!
**What’s New**
Music Life Boat is working on a solution to bring free music education to the world that is sustainable. To learn more visit our website at:
Support us by joining on social media so we can work together to begin a movement so every child has access to excellent music education.
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Download this app now and enjoy all Percussion lessons now on your ios device.
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Music Lifeboat believes every child deserves access to music education. We provide free online lessons and education resources with music software to inspire students.

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