Mario Italiano Four Families
Device: iPhone Category: Game Price: Free Released On: May. 15, 2015

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Mario Italiano Four Families

Device: iPhone Released On: May. 15, 2015
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Mario Italiano Four Families is a social card battle that will leave you broken, battered, and laughing your butt off. As the player you are pitted against the rest of the world in a struggle to take over Capitol City. Choose one of four outrageous Mob Families to fight for and start your life of crime. Build your crew of the toughest criminals, upgrade their stats and arm them with an arsenal of weapons and armor. Grab one of the many fully upgradable vehicles and you’re ready to get filthy!

Capitol City is vast, made up of four distinct territories for you to explore. Battle your way through the underworld to take over property and earn your keep. This is not an easy task and your competition is fierce. This should not be done alone. You will need to get connected. Join forces with up to 60 players to form a Mob. Take on other Mobs in daily Mob battles to earn loot and bragging rights. Call your Mob members to your aid in over 144 Boss battles, and trade gear to strengthen your crews.

Outside your Mob you will have to stand on your own in one on one battles against the rest of the world. Climb the rankings to the top or get crushed by the competition.

Mario Italiano is brought to you by Booya Squad, an Indie team founded by two Comic Book artists with a passion for Video Games. This small team is focused on pumping fun into a genre through innovative gameplay, a unique art style, and a healthy dose of humor.  



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Booya Squad is a small indie team founded by two comic book artists with a passion for art and video games.

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