Device: iPhone Category: Health & Fitness Price: Free Released On: Dec. 08, 2014

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Device: iPhone Released On: Dec. 08, 2014
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NEWS! So we launched 9 months ago and have over 2300 users! Get over and download HappiJar as soon as you can, and spread the HAPPINESS!!

Please find us here: www.happijar.com

HappiJar® is an iPhone app that helps us to be more thankful for the little things in life which make us smile in and then share them with our closet friends and family

When you pick up the app for the first time you are invited to create your own HappiJar jar name and once you have named it, you are then able to connect to the jars of your close friends and family and begin sharing your happy experiences.

You go about your week and use HappiJar to give thanks for all the cool things that happen around you. They could be anything that you wish to feel more grateful for or serve as a reminder of how much you appreciate the help that you have received. You record the blessing via text, photo, voice recording, music clip OR a combination of all of those which are inscribed on to a graphical sewing button called a HappiButton® and dropped into your jar.

AND when you feel the need to read one of your buttons, you simply shake the jar and a random one pops out of the top. Thus inspiring you to have a great day, and reminding you to give thanks to those who mean the most to you.

By connecting with other jars, you will be able to post buttons to them and receive their buttons into your jar in return. Pretty soon, you will have a jar full of great moments to share and reflect upon - which perhaps might have previously gone un-thanked.

To begin with HappiJar will also provide you with several extra inspirational quotes which other people have also found useful in life. These will come in the form of ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ which drop neatly into your jar for future reading.

At the heart of HappiJar's ethos is to strengthen the bonds you already have with your loved ones and to help each other to learn about what really makes us happy.


1. Save happy thoughts [HappiButtons] as they happen both off and online - using text, audio, camera and your favourite music.

2. Retrieve random HappiButtons from your HappiJar at anytime. Both off and online.

3. Connect with and receive/share HappiButtons' with your mates and close family.

4. View your statistical data. How many HappiButtons have you shared? How many have you saved in your HappiJar?

5. Customise the colours of your HappiJar and app background.

6. Explore and download a constantly updated gallery of new HappiButton's designed by us and independent artists. Read about and thank the artists for their great work.

7. Bonuses are earned in the app by simply using the app well. Use bonuses to download more entertaining and artistic HappiButtons.  



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