Gamesite: Play pick-up sport games
Device: iPhone Category: Sports Price: Free Released On: May. 19, 2015

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Gamesite: Play pick-up sport games

Device: iPhone Released On: May. 19, 2015
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Play pick-up games with friends and local people using Gamesite. This app allows you to interact with a daily feed of pick-up games for sports you want to play. Maybe you're new to Gamesite and you don't know anyone to follow. Use the Games Filter to find games that are within a certain distance away from your current location and make some new friends! Joining a game is literally as easy as swiping right.

== Games Feed ==
• Swipe to the right to leave and join games
• Swipe to the right to reveal the directions button that reveals the location in the Apple maps app (get GPS location seamlessly)
• If you created a game, you can swipe left to reveal the delete button
• Using the "@" searches for usernames. Without it, it searches by name (search bar)

== Messages ==
• If have used iMessage you know how to use our in-app messaging
• Swipe left to hide a conversation
• Tap on a message to go to the user's profile

== Social Sharing ==
• When on a game's page, there is a share icon on the top right. That can be used to share your game across all social apps on your device

== Scheduled Notifications ==
• When you join a game, there a notification that isn't sent instantly. Instead it is scheduled to arrive, at the earliest, 1 hour before your game starts.

*If you make a birthday error (not entering your correct date) email us using your Gamesite email (for security purposes). Use the subject "Birthday".  



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I am a 20 year old (in 2015) who started building iOS Apps because I was in search of what I wanted to do with my life. I think I found it. I love being active and love working until the very end for everything.

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