Cosmic Buddies
Device: iPhone Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Jul. 07, 2015

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Cosmic Buddies

Device: iPhone Released On: Jul. 07, 2015
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Travel the island with Cosmic Buddies! Join six friendly, animated characters as they explore their ecosystems. Play in a colorful world while developing educational principles that will help children expand their minds. Simultaneously develop memory and reflex skills while having fun!

Have your little ones explore the island with the Cosmic Buddies in the palm of their hands. Children can choose a variety of Cosmic Buddies and play fun, interactive games that will bring a smile to their face.

Help Grutius float through the sky, away from harm, and collect coins. Or go swimming with Ned, and listen to the sounds of the ocean creatures. There are countless Cosmic Buddies to play with for children up to age seven, keeping them entertained for hours!

Every little monster has a set of important values and morals, like respect and friendship, which will be taught to your child in many different ways! The games are designed to help stimulate minds, as well as sharpen identification skills.

Meet the Cosmic Buddies and begin learning today! Download Cosmic Buddies to open a world where education is enjoyable.

Every character of the Cosmic Buddies - Memory and reflex learning game brings a different set of important values for the children:
· Living in the society
· Friendship
· Love
· Respect
· Natural survival
· Education
· And much more

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