Arabian Heroes
Device: iPhone Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Aug. 07, 2015

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Arabian Heroes

Device: iPhone Released On: Aug. 07, 2015


Dear Friends, we are happy to share our game Arabian Heroes, made with Unity.
Arabian Heroes is completely free to play, available at App Store and Google Play
Available in English and Arabic.

Let's ruffle some feathers!

In the beautiful Arabic desert one day everything changed – an evil sorcerer released his corrupted crows to invade the planet. Hopefully the Arabian Heroes family is there to protect and have unlimited supply of jelly to shoot the crows. But they are coming from everywhere and are harder to defeat!
Until now the Arabian Heroes receive the help from their friends the white crows, who bring them coins to help in upgrading with accessories and make them stronger.
The Arabian Heroes travel the worlds that are about to be destroyed. Although they fight hard, they need more people to join them. They won’t stand for long!
Join the Arabian Heroes in their battle to save the planet!

Arabian Heroes features:

• United Arabian Heroes Family – Ahmed, Maryam, Amir and Lulu
• Great quality graphics
• Easy and fun to play, although you might be challenged on the higher levels
• Unwrap and travel to mystery worlds
• Hundreds of levels
• Buy upgrades to increase your damage.
• Collect puzzle pieces
• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!

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Last but not least, an enormous THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped the Arabian Heroes family!  



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Pixelhunters is 3D animation and game development company in Dubai.

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