Tickments: Psychology Coupons
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Tickments: Psychology Coupons

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Dec. 01, 2017



Psychology app. Get coupons based on your emotions. Rewards. Anti depression.

Tickments is a new psychology based social media app that lets you earn coupons for telling others how bad or great you feel from a scale of zero to ten! Coupons are essentially rewards and you can earn more by reporting abusive content from posts (known as Ticks), comments, or user profiles. You will be given coupons once we have reviewed and deemed that the content you have reported is truly abusive. We utilize psychology to promote happiness and positivity for everyone that uses our app with rewards! Together we can end depression and cyber bullying with the help of psychology!

Please note that Tickments is only a prototype at the moment. We look forward to your reviews to further develop and improve Tickments. Here are other details in a nutshell:

• An app that incorporates psychology in the fight against any forms of bullying and depression! Even if depression is kicking in, users can only cheer you up to help you feel better!

• Sad Ticks have a value below 5, neutral Ticks have a value equal to 5, while happy Ticks have a value of 6 and above! Don’t worry about being judged for what you share as we are a bully free social media app! There are no judgments here!

• No matter if you are feeling sad, neutral, or super happy, know that you can find rewards to help you feel better. No one likes the feeling of depression!

• Receive rewards for how often you post & how you feel emotionally. Coupons let you save money on the things you need in life!

• You will also be given rewards by reporting abusive content (e.g. bullying). Coupons act as incentives for you to keep Tickments a positive environment!

• You can capture a picture or a video of your sad or happy moments to receive more support from your followers!

• When your followers view your profile, they are able to see the Ticks you have captured & shared along with a chart that tells how sad or happy you have been over time.

• Ticks that you have captured & shared will also be displayed in the home feed of your followers just like in other social media apps.

• For your sad Ticks, your followers are able to cheer-up the Tick and brighten your mood! For your happy Ticks, people may like your Tick to keep you smiling along! Psychology enables us to truly help each other out! There’s no time for depression for anyone’s life!

When you create a Tick, you are contributing and influencing your country's overall happiness level. All Ticks created in a certain country are combined & averaged to give the country a happiness value from zero to ten. You are then able to find out which countries are sad or happy, and how your country ranks in happiness compared to other countries.

When you create a Tick with hashtags, you are also contributing and influencing a hashtag's overall happiness level. Just like countries, specific hashtags are also combined & averaged to give a hashtag a happiness value from zero to ten. You can then find out the top trending hashtags with the most Ticks worldwide & how sad or happy each of the trending hashtags are feeling.

Don't let a moment escape, create a Tick for it!

- The Tickments Team

Please Note:
Your whole profile along with any data you put in Tickments may be deleted once we release the full version of Tickments. We will try to avoid this situation and we hope that when the full version is released, all of the data and information you have provided to Tickments will still remain. By downloading this prototype version of Tickments, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy located in this URL http://www.tickments.com/privacy-policy.  



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