Sing Plus Karaoke
Device: Android Category: Entertainment Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Jul. 01, 2017

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Sing Plus Karaoke

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Jul. 01, 2017


Sing+ aka Sing Plus is a free Karaoke Sing Along App specially designed for African music lovers in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda & Nigeria. Sing, Record and Share in Sing+ Karaoke style.

All mp3 songs and karaoke tracks in Sing+ is unlimited, FREE to download. Plus, the app is ad-free! If you are a Kiswahili music lover from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, or a Nollywood music lover from Nigeria, you gotta try out Sing Plus. You’ll be surprised!

Sing+ plays as a free music community where you can sing and record, save and publish, share and discuss Swahili songs, African music as well as international songs. With various audio effects, DJ mixer and equalizer, Sing+ also plays as a pro DJ who makes you sing your inner soul sound like a super star.

Sing and record your favorite songs with scrolling lyrics, edit vocal and karaoke volume, add audio effects with music mixer and equalizer to your recordings, share your covers to get fans by Facebook, whatsapp etc. Sing Plus Karaoke is unlimited, free access hot hits in Africa including Swahili songs, pop western English songs, pop Kenya songs, Tanzanian music, Nigerian music in various mainstreaming genres including Bongo, Gospel, AfroPop, DJ Mixes, Nigerian Music, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Taarab, Zilizopendwa, Rhumba.

? High Quality MP3 Downloads of your favourite African Artists
? Trending charts for Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania!
? New releases from thousands of artists in East Africa
? Save your favourite karaokes to practice or record whenever you are offline.
? Daily update of new karaoke songs.
? Gospel, Hip Hop, Genge, Afropop, Dancehall, DJ Mixes, Rhumba, Zilizopendwa.
? Pro DJ style audio effects and voice filter;
? Largest karaoke community in for African music lovers;
? All for free and no ads!

Sing Along & Record
Record your vocal track as you sing along to the scrolling lyrics by choosing a karaoke track from Songbook. If you forget a few lines sometimes, sing plus can even teach you how to sing by playing the original mp3 music. With various audio effects, echo, voice filter, mixer or reverb, you can make your voice sound like a real star! The pitch of the song is too high? Try Adjust the Key for your vocal’s good. Now let’s sing!

Recording Edit Like A Pro DJ
Once you finished recording songs, you can edit your covers like a real DJ before publishing. With Sing Plus music mixer, you can adjust the equalizer to add echo to your vocal, as well as add reverb to the recording including Bass,Low Bass, Soprano, Classic, Dance, Rock, Electronic, Live, Tenor , Pop, Soft. Cannot hear your voice in the recording? Try Volume controller for either vocal or instrumental music before saving your cover. Now make your voice shine!

Show Off and Share
Publish your covers to Sing Plus community where there are gaining active music lovers from Africa. Besides, feel free to share your published covers with your friends via Facebook, Whatsapp (coming soon), and so on. Sing Plus community is the karaoke club where you meet up potential stars and get likes and comments from other Afro music lovers. Now make yourself a singing star!  



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