Rabby And The Naughty Nova
Device: Android Category: Books Price: Free Released On: Jul. 02, 2014 Previous App: Rabby and The Return of Pumpkin Threat

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Rabby And The Naughty Nova

Device: Android Released On: Jul. 02, 2014
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"Rabby and Friends" is a children's storybook about a friendly, adventurous rabbit named Rabby and his faithful dog, Plip. Follow along on Rabby's adventures where he meets all sorts of interesting animal characters and solves problems that pop up during his adventures!

In this third episode, Rabby decides to visit an old friend he hasn't seen in some time and bring some fruit from his garden as a gift. To reach his friend, Rabby and his dog Plip must travel through a jungle. As they begin going through the jungle, they notice many monkeys swinging from the trees. After about a half-hour worth of traveling, Rabby and Plip come to a river bank; via the map Rabby brought along, the path to his friend's house is across this river. One problem, though: The bridge leading to the other side is out.

Dismayed by this bad turn of events, Rabby decides to sit down on a nearby boulder to figure out how he is going to get to the other side. All of a sudden, the boulder begins to move! What is going on?

Why is this boulder moving? How is Rabby going to get to the other side of the bridge and reach his friend?

Download the app now to join Rabby's adventure and find out!

Key Features of Rabby and Friends App:

- Interactive read-along kids storybook app
- Captivating 3D-illustration graphics
- Professional soundtracks
- Narration languages: English, Mandarin and Malay  



Recent Beta Testers

  • Sanyasi Raju Korimilli
    United States
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