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Device: Android Category: Travel Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Feb. 14, 2017

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proxymate Buy Global Get Local

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Feb. 14, 2017


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How often has it happened that we really want a product, but it happens to be available in another city or country? We either go ahead and buy it by paying extra shipping and custom duties (in case bought from foreign country); or just ask our friends/relatives who are travelling there or visiting us from that location.

But what if our friend/relative is unwilling or not able to do so, OR you are not travelling anytime soon?How to do you get it then? Well, one option is you wait till you may travel, or get it shipped at high shipping costs/duties. But what about the goods being lost in transit?

But all that is now a thing of the past. proxymate helps you find someone who can get it for you, from there.

With proxymate for you can get your desired products personally delivered to you from international shopping sites, traditional stores or even duty free shops, without having to travel yourself or paying those extra charges for shipping and stuff!

How proxymate Works!

With proxymate app, a person who wants to buy a certain product from a different city or a country (buyer) can register on the app and find a person travelling to that city or country (traveler). A willing traveler, on their return from that location brings the product the buyer had asked for. The traveler too will be a registered user on the app. The traveller acts an entruster, so to speak for the buyer, who will get the product for them.

The buyers, are free to negotiate the terms and how the product will be delivered by the travelers, directly. There is no third party involvement. Our app simply forms the platform to help a buyer meet a traveler.

You as a buyer get your product and the registered travelers can make some money while travelling. It’s a win–win for both buyer and traveler.

The simple process on proxymate:

For the Buyer:

As a buyer looking for a product, all you have to do is:

? sign in to our app
? place your product request by mentioning all details, such as quantities
? product picture, etc.
? Details from where the traveller may need to get it from
? the price you are willing to pay
? cut off date - by when you need the delivery of the product

A registered traveler on proxymate - coming from the said location, accepts the request, you can contact them via the app’s in-built messaging service, negotiate on delivery commission, place to meet and get delivery of the product. That simple!

For the Traveler:

For a regular traveler, or the one who loves traveling, wouldn’t it be nice to get something extra while you travel?

? For the travelers who will register on our app, we offer an easy, simple way to monetise the baggage space and allowance.
? If they find a buyer requesting a product from their location, with all the product details mentioned, product price is agreeable; you can ask the buyer for an agreeable commission in exchange for your services.
? If you are traveling to more than one place, you can have more than one buyer requesting this service too.

So get started with shopping globally across destinations by finding travellers who can bring you that!  


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