OPCULATO Math Puzzle Book
Device: Android Category: Books Price: $1.99 Released On: Jul. 09, 2013 Previous App: OPCULATO Mathematical Puzzle game (Iphone)

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OPCULATO Math Puzzle Book

Device: Android Released On: Jul. 09, 2013
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OPCULATO is the name for the enjoyable interactive arithmetic operator calculation puzzle game that helps improve arithmetic, memory, logic and deduction.
The puzzles have been created specifically to tap into all these life skills. Opculato puzzles involve mental arithmetic to solve which arithmetic operator +,-,/ or x that should be placed in the blank squares to solve a given equation. This fun game develops mental logic and deduction skills that require you to memorise which arithmetic operator +,-,/ or x that will solve the given equation. You will have to try different arithmetic operator combinations to solve the longer equations and memorise where the correct arithmetic operators have been placed before you work out the final downward arithmetic equation. You can also use a calculator to play at first but the game is far more enjoyable playing without a calculator and the benefits and satisfaction are far greater.
The best way to improve all these skills is to practice them and Opculato offers all these skills.

Fill in the blank square with any of the four basic arithmetic operators +,-,/ or x in order to achieve the given answers on the right hand side of the puzzle. Start from left to right. When all the missing operators are in place a downward arithmetic equation must be completed to figure out the whole number that should go in the very bottom space. The bottom space is the last space to be filled in and is the only space that should be filled in with a number; all other spaces should be filled in with any of the four basic arithmetic operators.

OPCULATO Mathematical Puzzle Book includes 90 interactive puzzles.Each puzzle will take around 5 minutes to complete.  


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