Numbers - World statistics & Trends
Device: Android Category: Education Price: Free Released On: Jan. 22, 2014

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Numbers - World statistics & Trends

Device: Android Released On: Jan. 22, 2014
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Numbers application makes available easily some key World statistics data and trends at a glance in one place with preselected categories on your smartphone.

Quickly discover key data evolution and trends immediately, throughout the day, week, month or year !
Bookmark or share these world statistics with your network, know more about key topics such as population, death from leading causes, diseases, unacceptable violence around the world, injuries. See these numbers changing in real-time throughout the day, week, month or year to have a better picture, a perspective of these important real life problems, issues and challenges.

We provide the sources / references / websites of available online studies and methods used to compute the available data. We are not afiliated to these sources. You can download directly some of these sources and have a copy of our database that we make publicly available or on demand.

These data are coming from latest available reports (2013) of international institutions such as World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations departments (UN), UNWOMEN United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, UNAIDS, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Word Bank, UNICEF... They are obtained from estimations, surveys and consequently they may be highly conservative or not up to date due to missing data from some regions, countries around the world.

Main features :
?Real time trends from estimated values
?See statistics and trends for Now, Today, this Week, this Month, this Year, since the app started in order to better consider the impact of these data reports and see this big picture
?Offline & available database, sources
?Details, sources used to compute the available data
?Share these data
?Preselected data fields such as World, Women, Men, Children or topics like demography, violence, health, poverty, injury
?Include world statistics and trends about population, birth, maternity, death, forced labour, violence against women, children death, homicides, malnutrition, cancer, HIV AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, road traffic accidents, mental disorders ...
?Bookmark selected statistics to filter the available trends
?Search engine

The app is supported by ads banners, you can opt out in the settings.

See "Get data" or "Download data" features in the app to get the available sources used to compute the provided data.

A demo of the app is available here :

Your feedback is welcome.  


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