mExpense  Expense  Budget
Device: Android Category: Finance Price: Free Released On: Apr. 14, 2017 Previous App: mExpense

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mExpense Expense Budget

Device: Android Released On: Apr. 14, 2017


Money management has never been easier! With the mExpense app, you can track all your cash flows, whether it is your savings you are worried about, or your expenses. It has been designed in a simple and user friendly way to allow easy tracking of all your money. This app allows you to full take control of all the personal finance related obstacles you go through and is a great way to define and manage your budget.

All you need to do is install the app and start tracking and planning your daily income and expense requirements for a more proficient budget.

Whether you want to develop a monthly budget planner or you simply want to monitor the way you are spending to check if you are living out of your means. With mExpense, you can set a defined budget for a month and spread out that amount to different categories so you know exactly how much you have spent in each category. Categories may include food, clothing, outings, etc.

mExpense also allows you to easily compare the budget and spending of your previous months against the current one so you know where you have been spending more than necessary and where you can afford to spend a little more.

mExpense also has a recurring feature which allows you to input all your monthly bills and log them automatically on a predefined interval. This also allows you to not miss out on any payments and helps you avoid any late payment charges as well.

The mExpense app also hosts a secured pass code feature so that no one else has access to view your personal spending. All you need to do is enable it from the settings screen and set your pass code. And if you are worried about data protection from thefts or malfunctioning software, this amazing app will not let you down in this scenario, either.
mExpense also includes a Dropbox feature where you can link you Dropbox account to mExpense and save your budgets for safe keeping and later use. And if you want to restore a previous backup, all you need is one tap.

mExpense is free, but if you wish to unlock some advanced features, you need to get the PRO version with packages starting as low as $1.99 for 3 months. Features of the PRO version include securing with a passcode, export your budget to CSV or PDF through emails, expense comparisons of 2 months against a single budget and a completely ad free experience.

For more details, just hit the “Download” or “Get” button and explore this amazing app yourself. It is sure to prove itself for being the simplest app for monitoring all your daily and monthly expenses so you can change some bad habits and turn them into better, more responsible, ones.

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