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Device: Android Category: Navigation Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Oct. 22, 2017

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Im OK Im here

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Oct. 22, 2017


Watching the location of the device.

Google play link:

The application allows you to track the location of Android devices (and their owners).

It can be: your’s children, elderly relatives, friends, yourself.

The application must be installed on the device «observed» and «observers».

This is a MVP (minimum viable product).

Important: this is not a GPS tracker. Data is transmitted much less often and the data source is not just GPS.

Differences from competitors

save battery,
free of charge,
no advertising,
no in-app purchases.


Android 4.1 «Jelly Bean: (API level 16) and higher.
The «observable» device should be able to determine its location and have access to the Internet.
The «observer» device must have access to the Internet.
How it works

The user who installed the application can be either «observed» or «observer», possibly simultaneously.

In order to become «observable» you need to start the location service in the «I’m watched» menu, and allow the application to access the location and access to the Internet.

In this case, the «observed» will be assigned a certain identifier and data about its location will be periodically sent to the remote server (see privacy policy).

Important: You should not disclose your identifier to third parties.

When you exit the application or reboot the device, the service continues to run in the background. Stop the data transfer service through the same menu or by uninstall the application.

In order to become an «observer» you must obtain the identifier of the «observed». On the «watched» device in the «I’m watched» menu, send your ID to the «observer». After receiving the identifier, the «observer» through the «I’m watching» menu can receive data about the location of the «observed» and see it on the Google map. «Observed» can pass its identifier to several «observers».

«Observer» can receive data from few devices.  



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