Device: Android Category: Health & Fitness Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Jan. 18, 2017

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Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Jan. 18, 2017


ihealthflux is a social network, mainly built to share the medical records with family. The app consists of features which can be shared at will even with your doctor.
- 9 Digit unique identification number which can be accessed by people who you allow access to.
- The panic alert can help your beloveds know that you are in trouble and can give your exact location to them on a single click with the Map.
- The medical history and records are shared with the people you trust at your will to ensure that when in trouble they don't need to find your reports, its right there on their phone.
- You can revoke access to anyone that you are not comfortable anymore.
- Put details about your medical insurance in the App, so that you dont have to look for it in your worst time.
- This also means you don't have to carry huge paper files and store them, simply use the app to store all your medical records.
- The app is compatible with JPG, PDF, PPT and many other report formats and can give you the exact date for each report.
- Get real-time alerts on reports uploaded by people who you have access to.
- Secured server configuration to make your health data confidential.
- You can put your blood group, allergies and everything on the app.
- Pregnant females can update that on the app, to ensure that in the worst conditions people having access knows that and can inform the same to the doctor.
- The app will eventually work as a social network where the health issues are disclosed to the ones who would care about you and can encourage you to do better.
Application like this can certainly help you keep track of yours and your family members medical data tracking. Creating the cluster inside this app for your health is the only wealth we believe we make out of it.  



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