Goodsomnia Lab Snoring detectionanalytics w ECG
Device: Android Category: Medical Price: Free Released On: Sep. 11, 2017

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Goodsomnia Lab Snoring detectionanalytics w ECG

Device: Android Released On: Sep. 11, 2017
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Be aware, that this is the first version of «Goodsomnia Lab». Our app is constantly updated, so keep checking for updates!

If you have any questions, please, contact us Your user experience is important to us – we will be glad to get any feedback from you.

Is snoring disturbing you? It seems to you that you snore, but you are not so sure. Snoring can be very embarrassing, especially if you sleep with a partner. Your snoring disrupts your partner’s sleep and this may affect your relationship and your partner’s health, the same as your well-being too. If snoring is the case for you, you may also feel sleepy in the day and it might affect your concentration and performance. Occasionally, snoring can give you symptoms of anxiety, depression and other dangerous diseases – from weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimers.

It is important to determine the problem as quickly as possible to avoid serious consequences and improve your well-being. Your health depends on you getting enough sleep!

We have a great solution. It only takes three steps:

1. Just download «Goodsomnia Lab» in Google Play.
2. Put the smartphone near the bed and plug in it.
3. Open it and press the button «Start recording» before your sleep.

Next morning you will know exactly if you snore, how intensive and how often. An algorithm of «Goodsomnia Lab» detects snoring sounds and allows you to see it as a snoring graph. Your records are stored securely and available to you 24/7. Therefore, you can easily pre-diagnose a problem by yourself and even share your health report with your therapist. Try it!


o Record snoring and replay sounds
o Outstanding snore detection algorithm
o Detect the snoring cycles, when you start and when you stop snoring
o Shows areas where snoring was most strong, measures the volume and intensity
o Allows zooming in of every area of the snoring graph
o Provides information about snoring remedies and factors
o Recording time up is to 10 hours during the sleep
o Sharing MP3 file and all sleep information (Health report) with therapist
o Sleep and snoring statistics
o Possibility to delay recording (from 0 to 60 mins)
o Run in background mode
o Personal recommendations about necessary sleep time
o BMI calculation

This new diagnosis mobile app will help you to save your health. It is time to be a pioneer! Download «Goodsomnia Lab» right now!

Coming soon features

• Integration with Goodsomnia's devices (Smart Health-tracker, Smart Pulse Oximeter, Smart stop snoring device etc.)
• Monitoring of Blood oxygen level, Perfusion Index, Heart rate in real time.

This app is not a medical tool. The results of measurements are provided for information only as pre-diagnosis. It cannot be the basis for a full-fledged diagnosis of your health.

Goodsomnia AB is a potential world-player in stop snoring solutions and health-screening technology, using wearable devices and SaaS platforms, powered by machine learning and IoT in the healthcare area, the company is trying to improve the health and life of everyone in the World!

We are focused on one thing – using innovation to improve people’s life, make them more happy and healthy!

Follow our official page on Facebook:

If you have any questions, please, contact us Your user experience is important to us – we will be glad to get any feedback from you.  



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