Call Notes
Device: Android Category: Business Price: Free Released On: Nov. 11, 2014

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Call Notes

Device: Android Released On: Nov. 11, 2014
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-------------------------------------------key features ----------------------------------------------
- This application key features is to remind your last communication with your client and your important call ..
- you can Add Note for you business contact and when call incoming and outgoing application remind you note
which you add last time after call ..
-- Call Note app is used to store note of your call(business, home, work) without using pen and paper.
-- This app save the summary as well as display it while incoming or outgoing call, which help you to
talk with them further and you can share that note with your friend via Facebook, twitter and other
social networking sites.
*** This app works in following phases :-
1 > While calling:-
While calling with your any contact it will display its previous saved notes it can be helpful to
remained previous talk with that particular person.
2 > While disconnecting call:-
While disconnecting call, this app will launch and ask you to store a note of summary of your
communication, which will display at the time of next calling or receiving call of that particular

Add Note:-
-you can Add Note for any contact directly ..
-you can add subject and description for note ..
View Note:-
-you can see here contact list which you can added a note/notes ..
-you can tap on that and see particular contact's all notes ...
-you can delete a note from here and share note on social application directly by taping on share button ..
-you can see you contact list at here ..
-you can disable/enable application for particular contact by checked/unchecked features...
-you can disable/enable application for Incoming phone calls by taping on/off button...
-you can disable/enable application for outgoing phone calls by taping on/off button...
-you can disable/enable application for unknown numbers by taping on/off button...
-you can change you contact group which is set 6 types of group's
Mobile , Home , Work , Fax_work , Fax_home,Other
-you can visits our Facebook page , our websites,and you can give us rating on Google play store...
- if you face any problem in application , then fell free to send mail in our support By taping on
(?) Support screen and fill form and send us a mail . so that we can give you best service for that
application ..
-- Call Notes is great for all parts of your life: business relationships, networking, dating
-- If you have any issue or need help, please e-mail to us via About us - > support (?) Tap on ..
Thank you!

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