Device: Android Category: Productivity Price: Free Released On: Nov. 21, 2013

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Device: Android Released On: Nov. 21, 2013
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This application will allow you to instantly recall and forever remember the personal information of people you interact with. Our goal is to help you build stronger relationships, and to personalize business. Using our voice-enabled app, you can input and retrieve personal information about your contacts in seconds, not minutes.

Do you find it challenging to remember important details of friends and colleagues? Do you wish you had a perfect memory? Do you agree that “personalizing business” can help you increase business? If so, this app is for you!

Never again will you forget someone's personal interests, spouse and kids names, or a person’s favorite sports team. This app is designed for ease-of-use and a great user experience so that you can use this app every day of your life.

To make the integration of contacts as seamless as possible, you have the option to import all of your contacts through LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, Exchange, and your existing phone contacts. We recommend you do this so you can see all of your contacts in a friendly, integrated environment.

When you add a note, you have the ability to 'tag' that information. For example, if you had 50 notes about one of your contacts, you could filter that information by a certain word for quick access.

Why BigHippo?

Memory is initially processed in your hippocampus, and we're here to make the process a lot more effective. BigHippo will have an immediate impact on how you remember the important personal details about those you interact with. BigHippo is your big hippocampus that never forgets... in your hip pocket.

Please visit for more information!  


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