A New Way to See the Android vs. Apple Battle

July 29th, 2013  |  By Kelly Rice

Apple vs. Android is a comparison we've seen more times than we can count. Yet we can't help but love watching the battle evolve: Apple pulls ahead in revenue. Android owns majority of market share. The App Store reaches 50 billions apps, and Google Play is right behind!  These metrics are important, but not necessarily the most exciting. So, we at Kinvey decided to compare less conventional benchmarks of the two most dominant mobile marketplaces. Check it out:
Some interesting facts from this graphic include:
  • Apple and Google are the top publishers in their own app stores in terms of downloads, even though Apple only offers 7 apps and Android 60 
  • Misspelling "restaurant" as "resteraunt" in the App Store yields just 1 app result, while Google Play yields 10,523
  • Google Play has 29 different price points vs. App Store's 7
  • Apple's most expensive app costs $999 (!), whereas Android's costs $299
What did you find most surprising about these unconventional comparisons? 



About the Author:

Kelly Rice is Kinvey's Content Marketing Manager. Kinvey is a Boston-based company that takes the hassle out of building and operating mobile backends for enterprises and developers.




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