Hungry Hal for Android, the Epic Zombie Chase Game

December 11th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Hungry Hal – Undead Zombie Run by ELF Games is a free, fast-paced zombie adventure game. Reminiscent of Temple Run, the object of this new Android app is to help Hal the zombie chase down humans so he can eat to survive. Hal has to brave five different suvival levels after being infected with the horrible virus and becoming one of the undead. It’s up to the player to help him scavenge and avoid obstacles.


Fun and addictive, this game is a must-play for everyone in the family. Hungry Hal is stocked with challenging levels, achievements, and three leaderboard competitions. The more bones Hal collects, the more upgrades he can buy.



It’s fun to play as the bad guy once in a while. The cool part about the game’s story is that Hal didn’t ask to become a zombie. He’s just trying to make the best of his situation in whatever way he can. If you find Hal’s story as endearing as I do, you might also like this app: Burger Brawl


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