Burger Brawl for iOS Takes Strategy and Battle Skills

December 10th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

You’ve always been told about the terrible deeds of fairytale villains: the wicked witches who keep princesses locked in towers and dragons who burn villages to the ground. But what if you found out that you hadn’t heard the whole story?


Curry Technologies introduces their new game app, Burger Brawl where you play on the side of these so-called villains to help them regain their place in society after being cast out by the heroes. Denied affection and basic rights in their world, the overwhelmed villains have spent years dwelling in the shadows when hunger drove them into a local burger bistro where they were denied entrance and the battle began.


Now it’s up to you: use your strategy and battle action to help these castaways fight for their rights to live amongst the heroes as normal citizens. With its awesome music, cute characters, and usefull power-ups, this game is a must-have. Download Burger Brawl now for free on iTunes.

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