Looksee: Hunt, Snap, Share.

October 29th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

This app is dedicated to everyone with an inner child. Here’s to everyone who still uses the swings on playgrounds. To everyone who still enjoys adventure and discovery. This is for you.


Looksie is a new interactive app that brings together people of all ages to take part in scavenger hunts. The app is fully customizable and provides each user with a unique and exciting scavenger hunt experience. So download this app and bring some adventure back into your life.



Looksie allows you to create scavenger hunts and invite people, but also join in those created by others. Make your scavenger hunt private (invite only) or open it up to the public and let anyone join in. This can be a fun way not only to meet others with the same interests, but also to cast aside the drudgery of everyday life.


For the 21+ crowd, a Looksie scavenger hunt can become an epic bar crawl adventure. But this app isn’t just adults. Teachers and camp counselors looking for a fun and interactive lesson or activity can design a hunt, reward contributors, and enhance the learning experience.


Looksie is now available on the iTunes app store and on Google Play. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter and hunt for similar upcoming apps on PreApps.

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