Sean Casto Talks iOS 8, Mobile Platforms, and Engaging Apps

October 28th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Sean Casto sat down with Combo App to discuss in their podcast the mobile app industry and the challengers facing developers today.


Mr. Casto, himself an app developer, created his platform to alleviate the challenge of having to play the roles of both builder and marketer. PreApps connects developers to a suite of resources, the most important of which is a broad audience of users. These individuals play an important part in engaging with the developer, providing feedback on betas, and passing on the word about the awesome and engaging apps on the PreApps platform. Without this site, many developers would have to either hire a PR company or try to generate buzz without the pre-release exposure.

PreApps also offers an app ideas portal, a place for anyone to post their awesome ideas for game-changing apps. Those who have the skills to develop those app ideas can then sift through the suggestions posted and find their favorites to actually develop.

To hear the whole podcast, click here. To learn more about the PreApps platform, click here.


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