Are You In or Out?

October 15th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

When was the last time you got an accurate RSVP count from a Facebook event? Probably never, right? Yeah, same here. Somehow it seems like the “maybe” list grows until it includes everyone you invited! LMK changes that.


By eliminating the “maybe” option, LMK removes the headaches from event planning by giving you two options: “in” or “out.” It’s that simple. Are Mom and Dad still using Stone Age flip phones? No problem. You can still invite them with the LMK app and they can text their response.



For those who do have smartphones, the app screen is split between blue and purple. Those in the blue are “in.” Those in the purple are “out.” The event is listed in the middle of the screen on a black background so it’s easy to keep track of your invites.


This social networking app revolutionizes the way people organize their social gatherings. No fibs, no excuses, just Let Me Know. For more information visit the LMK page on our website.

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