Ronnie Robot: the Cutest Game of SIMS You’ll Ever Play

October 9th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Ronnie Robot, a multiplayer, collaborative game app for small children allows them to create and control their own virtual world. Recommended for kids ages two and up, Ronnie Robot will help your child learn to make their own discoveries and allow their creativity to flourish.


Ronnie’s role is to help your child build his town. Construct houses and schools, drive cars, and farm to keep everyone in the town safe and happy. This game will enhance your child’s problem solving skills by teaching them to put out house fires and avert other such disasters with the help of the other townspeople.


The best thing about this game is that everything is customizable from clothing to buildings to cars and even the robots themselves. Each bot is as unique as each person who interacts with it. Your kid and their friends will play as Ronnie paints houses, grows a flower garden, and drives the town school bus. The possibilities are endless in Ronnie’s robot town.

Ronnie Robot is available for beta test now on the PreApps website and will be coming soon to the iTunes store.

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