Keep Me Briefed

October 8th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

One of the most frustrating things in your professional life is feeling like you don’t have time to read the news. Staying informed is important to being successful in any field. The ability to form an educated opinion of world events and engage in intelligent conversations is crucial. But somehow the day always slips by and the newspaper goes unread.



BriefMe is here to change that unfortunate trend. This iPhone app keeps users up to date on what the world is reading at any given moment. They find articles that your friends and family members care about so you can stay in touch with the news that matters most. The BriefMe algorithm uses metrics built around article topic relevance among billions of Facebook and Twitter users. BriefMe scores and ranks articles in real time throughout the day so you don’t miss a beat.


Rather than relying on the judgment of the editorial teams of various publications or soulless algorithms that force-feed you news that you don’t want to see, our app is powered by the people in your life. Beta test now on PreApps and get notified for when they go live on iTunes.

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