It’s Three Strikes and You’re Out in Fruit Hoops for iPhone

September 23rd, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Hoop the fruits before time runs out! This juicy classic iPhone game will keep you hooked with its multiple play mode options and enticing visuals. Be careful not to hoop any explosives, or your adventure will quickly come to an end.


Play Classic Mode to race against the clock and hoop as much fruit as you can to beat your high score. You only get three lives, so be careful not to miss any fruits or catch any bombs! You can miss up to three fruits, but one bomb and it’s GAME OVER! Arcade Mode will give you the same game with bonus fruit power-ups.  The Time Freeze power-up in Arcade Mode slows gameplay way down so you have an easier time catching the falling fruit. Catch falling magnets to draw fruits directly into your hoop and keep the points coming! Endless Mode lets you play on forever if you have the skills to keep hooping the fruits.


Fruit Hoops is reminiscent of Fruit Ninja, but with less violent gameplay. Instead of hacking the falling fruit to bits, position your hoop to catch them at the bottom of the screen. The bright and colorful graphics contrast with the intense gameplay, making for an interesting combination of fast-paced gaming and cheery visuals. With its three modes and entertaining power-ups, Fruit Hoops is an instant classic and fun for everyone to play.


Check out the developer’s Facebook and Twitter and beta test the app on our website.

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