Lottery Live: Never Lose Your Winnings Again

September 16th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

If you've ever played the lottery, you understand the confusion. "How much did I win," "Where do I pick up my winnings," and "Who will know the answers to my questions," are thoughts that have crossed every lottery player's mind. Each year over a billion dollars of lottery winnings go unclaimed as a result of these unanswered questions. Lottery Live is here to change that. As the only app of its kind, Lottery Live is proven to dramatically increase a lottery player’s chances of collecting their winnings. Lottery Live is a ticket management tool with the state-of-the-art, user-friendly number recognition software. Users can photograph and log their ticket(s) for any lottery drawing in the United States. The app will recognize and store the numbers and provide immediate results via a push notification.


Not only will this app alert the user as to their winnings (large or small), but it can also help players collece what they've won. Using your phone's GPS, the app can provide turn-by-turn directions to the your lottery retailer so you can collect your winnings or purchase more tickets. This intuitive feature includes pins for each desired location and works similarly to Google Maps. Simply tap a location to select and receive directions.


Additionally, Lottery Live assists in random number selection by providing results from a pool of “hot” or “overdue” numbers for a given lottery as well as an assortment of other features including countdowns to future drawing times.


The app is now available on the Apple, Windows, and Google Play Stores for $2.99. For more information on the app please follow the company on Facebook and their website.


JM Technologies is a US-based team of technology professionals whose mobile apps aim to solve everyday problems from helping consumers save money to keeping them entertained.


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  • Anonymous on Sep. 18, 2014

    I have used Lottery Live and this is a MUST have app if you play the lottery. I forget I've purchased tickets ALL the time and now with Lottery Live I don't ever have to worry again. This app if full of rich and robust features and takes all the guessing out of the equation. I even have used the random number selector and actually won $500.00. My hat off to the developers. They created a fantastic product.

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