Tap to Match with Color Bound

September 11th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Put your finger tapping reflexes to the test with Color Bound app by BS Equipment Inc. If you enjoyed Bouncy Ninja, you’ll love this game. Instead of avoiding spikes, however, you’re avoiding colors. Collect as many of the same color as you can without hitting the wrong ones. Combine your starting color with another primary color to make secondary colors. But be careful! If you mix blue and red to make purple, don’t let your square hit the yellow, or it’s game over.

Color Bound combines familiar mechanics with simple bold graphics to make an instantly addicting classic. Tap your way to the top and don’t get distracted by the pretty changing colors!


Color Bound is available now in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad. Follow them on twitter @colorbound and check us out on the PreApps website to beta test more new games.

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  • Mark Anderson on Sep. 12, 2014


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