Rush to Save the Spaceships in Spaceship Rush

September 9th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Attention, gamer! You’ve been chosen for a special space mission in Spaceship Rush! It is your duty to save these colorful spaceships from their fate of being lost in the cosmos. Help them find their destination planets by tapping and swiping the screen to send them homeward.



Like an adventurous version of Flow, Spaceship Rush combines all the elements of a seriously addicting game app. The super-catchy soundtrack and bright and colorful graphics combine to hook you in and keep you playing. This universally entertaining color-based puzzle game increases in difficulty as you go and has awesome achievements that you can unlock as you play. The simple one-touch gameplay makes it easy for children to pick up and learn and amusing enough to keep teenagers occupied on long car rides.


Spaceship Rush will be available for download on the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone on October 1st. Until then, check it out on our website.

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