Forget Flappy Bird, Here's Jumpy Jester

September 4th, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Here’s to the 18 million people who played Flappy Bird for hours on end, unable to get enough of that adorable little monster. After the app was removed by the developer, the world sought a replacement to fill the void of free time it left behind in its wake. Here’s to those of you who never gave up hope that one day you would discover a new substitution, a game just as fun and catchy as Flappy Bird. Well look no further. I believe I may have found the answer.

I give you Jumpy Jester, a fun-for-the-whole-family arcade game app by Grim Genie Game Development. In this game, you control Mr. Jumpy himself. Help this little clown evade obstacles as he runs down a hallway. Tap to jump over monkeys wearing party hats, bears on unicycles, and lions with jump ropes. The simple graphics and adorable characters make this an endearing twist on a classic game concept.




The best part about Jumpy Jester is the banana peel power up, which allows the player immunity for a few seconds as the clown continues to race down his unending hallway. This allows you to sprint right into those unicycling bears without a second thought as you recuperate and prepare for the next round of jumps.


The app also has a competitive leaderboard page. Users can compete against friends, family members, and other players all over the world to achieve high score supremacy, a feature that many will find too much fun to resist. Like a childish obsession with popping bubble wrap, this game is addicting and so oddly satisfying that it’s a wonder anyone can put it down.


Jumpy Jester will be available for free download in the iTunes and Google Play stores on September 6th. Until then, don't miss the opportunity to beta test this addicting game before it goes live. 

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