Twigle Birds App: Not Your Grandfather's Bird Watching Guide

September 3rd, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Twigle Birds IconCalling all Bird Nerds and Nature Enthusiasts. Take bird watching to the next level with Twigle Birds. This app will help you identify and search many common bird species in North America and Europe using HD images, sounds, and detailed information search. The app’s easy-to-navigate menus and features allow for quick recognition and add a high-tech twist to a classic hobby.


Twigle Birds is still in development by Avelgood Apps, but will be released in the iTunes store under Entertainment and is available now for beta testing through the PreApps website. Avelgood has a variety of other reference apps available for download. For more information, visit their website.


Designed to help novices and experts alike, Twigle Birds includes features like Bird Song Identification. Simply record a bird’s call or song and Twigle Birds will return with the correct species. Most birds in the North America database each have several playable songs and calls. The Europe database includes songs and calls for the most commonly sighted birds in that region.


Twigle’s offline databases ensure that you will be able to use the app from anywhere without needing cellphone service, except for sound recognition. These databases include information on 205 bird species in North America and 258 in Europe. Details in each bird’s profile include behavior, habitat, distribution, diet, breeding, and textual descriptions of songs and calls. Users have the option to download a database with only the birds common to their region.

Identifying birds is made easier by the app’s wealth of HD images for each bird in the databases. Those in the Europe database also have composite ID images with an option to view a picture of the male or female of each species, at various ages, and from different angles. This feature is coming soon for the North America database. Each available photo can be viewed in full screen mode as either a landscape or portrait and supports pinch and zoom.

Twigle Birds also offers a smart search option by color, habitat, bird size, and beak appearance. Users may also search by name, scientific name, or family with a search bar that updates instantly as you type.


Once a bird is identified, users can log their discovery in the Bird Journal and back it up to their iCloud as desired.


If you’re a nature aficionado or just someone who enjoys spending their time outside, definitely give this app a go. Is bird watching not your thing? Test it anyway; you may discover a new favorite hobby. Nerd.


Twigle Birds is expected to be released on September 8 in the iTunes App store. Don't miss out on the opportunity to beta test or recieve a notification when the app goes live!

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