Techo Thieves

August 6th, 2013  |  By Caroline O'Connor

Within the past year  new mobile apps have been developed connecting users to taxicabs, easing and almost eliminating the process of standing in the street hailing a cab. The San Francisco  based company UBER cab, has provided its users with luxury vehicles and yellow cabs  at the push of a  button. Users make an UBER account and provide credit card information and cab fare is charged to your account, no cash needed and tip included. What seems to be the problem…?



Cab drivers are calling startup companies such as UBER "Techno Thieves" . Taxi drivers held a rally last week outside of city hall in San Francisco claiming companies such as UBER, Lyft, and Side Car are  creating unfair competition for cab drivers.  Stating " Anyone with a four-door car can  become a taxi driver". Cab drivers also explained  that such mobile apps threatens the safety of cab users, although they could not prove any incidents.  The president of the San Francisco Cab Drivers Association, who organized the rally wants all companies such as Uber “to just go away”.

With personal experience of using mobile taxi apps such as UBER, I have come to the conclusion that technology may be catching up with the old fashion “cash only cabs” and that standing in the rain catching a cab days may be over. With apps such as UBER there is no longer one person left hanging with the cab fare, with the option to split it over the phone.  Taxi’s need to get with the 21st century, before they get slapped in the face with technology!

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