Congratulations Wixel Studios!

July 31st, 2013  |  By Sara Rothschild

We would like to congratulate Wixel Studios on their successful launch of Survival Race! The app got its start on PreApps and we are really excited about how well it’s done. Since launching in May, Survival Race has received over 320,000 downloads and has over 70,000 active users.


Sean Casto, PreApp’s CEO when asked about the app says, “The graphics on Survival Race really make the game stand out. The concept is clear and the gameplay is challenging as to not leave users bored. It’s no surprise the app has reached over 320,000 downloads thus far and we are pleased to have played an important role in that success”


Survival Race puts the world’s future at the player’s fingertips as the user must race against time and fight off flesh eating monsters. By performing side wheelies, stunts and flips the player must avoid various obstacles and traps. The game features 64 exciting tracks, 4 exhilarating environments and the ability to upgrade and customize your vehicle. As players race along they unlock exciting new tracks. Players are also able to see how they stack up to the competition through the Global and Friends Leader Boards. 


According to Survival Race developer Ziad Feghali "We chose PreApps to be the first public revealing platform for our racing game Survival Race. As a gaming startup from the Middle East we consider PreApps the international platform for gamers to initiate the buzz. Preapps audience is full of positive attitude and constructive comments. Another great function at Preapps is tester recruitment." We are so proud to announce another app success story and appreciate the kind words Ziad!


The app is available for download on the app store and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

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