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June 21st, 2013  |  By Sara Rothschild

We saw some pretty wacky apps on PreApps this week. From flying witches to new ways to be social, we saw it all. Caroline and I sifted through all the new apps to give you our favorites and honorable mentions. Enjoy! 

Sara's Pick: Dumbass Cam

The title alone was enough to make me want to feature this app. The app is simple, funny, and has a clear concept so it was an easy pick for me. Simply take a picture of a friend, or even yourself, using the app and it will tag the person with "dumb ass". The picture is then saved to your camera roll so you can upload it to social media from there. I'm hoping that they add some other tags to the app, then you could have some real fun with it!

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Caroline's Pick: Souffle

Everyone should make sure to check out our New app Soufflé! Soufflé is connecting people that are close by that otherwise you probably wouldn’t speak to. When you think about it, especially living in a city you’re surrounded by hundreds of people every day. Its funny you could be on a train for five hours and not say one word to the person sitting less than an inch away. This person could have been your soul mate, or new best friend, but you will never know because you didn’t speak to each other.  This is where Soufflé comes in handy! The app works through Bluetooth, when you download the app you create a profile. The app then uses your location to connect you with others, and you are then able to connect with other Soufflé users! I am excited to download this app and see whom I will connect with!

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Honorable Mentions: Here are some more of our favorites! Some are available now in the app store! 


Drunk Mode              Witches vs. Monkeys                 Rx-Pass

Let us know what your favorite New apps are! Happy Friday everyone

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