Friday's Favorites

June 14th, 2013  |  By Sara Rothschild

This week we saw a lot of game and social media apps posted on PreApps. Caroline and I have looked through all of them and have decided on our favorite two of the week. Enjoy and let us know you favoirte New PreApps

Sara's Pick: Block Buddies

Lately I have been hooked on CandySaga, so when I saw this new game posted I was pretty excited. Its a simple, clean, straightforward game that adds the twist of competition. The game really only has one rule, don't drop. All you have to do is stack the blocks and don't let them fall. You get to challenge friends when you play and there are 100's of variations. The app is set to come out in July and its free! Click Here to get notified when the app goes live. 


Caroline's Pick: Talenty

Talenty posted this week is an app perfect for the talented folk!  On Talenty users can record themselves singing, dancing, performing a magic trick, or anything their heart desires. Other users on talenty can then like or comment on the talent performed and are able to be followed back by other users. I am excited to download Talenty and see the what crazy acts people post!

Click Here to get notified when the app goes live.



Happy Friday! 

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