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May 31st, 2013  |  By Sara Rothschild

Day after day new apps are posted on our website and we cant wait for them to come out! My fellow intern, Caroline, and I thought we'd share with you our favorites of the week. Enjoy! 

Sara's Pick: Wakamigo

This week has been a struggle to wake up in the morning; I'm just not excited to hear my alarm go off! So, when this app was posted I was so excited. Wakamigo makes the mundane routine of setting a painful alarm something to look forward to. Instead of the typical Marimba sound waking you up your friends get to do it! 

So how it works. Simply connect with your Facebook and set an alarm! Yeah its that easy.  You can leave messages for your friends and family too. Don't fret about someone not leaving you a wakeup call because Wakamigo guarantees you a personal voice message. Stop waking up in agony. Instead, wakeup on the right side of the bed with a laugh and a smile. 

The app is set to come out on June 15th. Get Notified when the app is released! 

Caroline's Pick: Tick Talk

When I came across the new app TickTalk this morning I laughed to myself, and immediately emailed the link to my dad. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of the Idea! I am known for how fast I talk and my dad always is always giving me a hard time, always telling me to “SLOW DOWN” well, looks like I have TickTalk for that now! This new app is perfect for the speedy talker; it is designed to measure the pace at which you are speaking, to help people like me control their speedy mouth. TickTalk is being called “The Talker’s Metronome”, and is great for public speaking. TickTalk is expected to be launched this summer, and I look forward to downloading it on my phone!


Get Notified when the app is released! 

Worth a Mention: Here are a few more apps we are looking forward too! 


                           Face Switch      KaBoom            Peers

Hope you have a happy Friday and enjoy check out all the latest apps on PreApps! Let us know what your favorite "soon to be released" apps are! 

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