Fun New App: Monster Spin

May 2nd, 2014  |  By Kim Roz

If you love having fun, being challenged, testing your gambling skills and new game apps, download Monster Spin as soon as it is released for guaranteed good time.

This new app mixes gaming with casual gambling for a totally addictive and unforgettable experience.

Monster Spin centers around Jack, a lovable space cowboy on a journey through outer space and in dire need of help. Ravenous galactic monsters are after him and only you can save him. Users will have to deploy a combination of strategic thinking and advanced skills in order to defeat the beasts and save Jack. However, even that may not be enough, as luck plays a big role in Monster Spin. Players will have to go through slot machines, win the ladder game and even use cheats to be able to access the next levels.

The attractive graphics and fun characters combined with the thrill of gambling are guaranteed to keep users hooked. Monster Spin is free to download on all iPhone and iPad devices, and in-app purchases allow hours of fun gaming.

Download Monster Spin today!

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